West Cornwallis Pastoral  to  Berwick - Trinity Pastoral Charge

  On July 1, 1969, the West Cornwallis Pastoral Charge was formed. It was an amalgamation of two other Pastoral Charges which, up to that time, operated separately, each with its own minister. The Waterville-Woodville Pastoral Charge had as its minister, the Rev. Frances MacLellan. The Berwick-Harbourville Pastoral Charge had as its minister, the Rev. Arthur Whiston. Rev. Francis MacLellan resigned and Rev. Arthur Whiston was called by the newly formed West Cornwallis Pastoral Charge as its first minister. He was followed by Rev. Ivan Norton, Rev. Paul Shaw, Rev. Don MacPherson,  Rev. Linda Winton and most recently, Rev Tom Woods.
    In 2015 the Pastoral Charge voted to change its name to Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge.  It was agreed to by the Annapolis Valley Presbytery.

Former Ministers to West Cornwallis Pastoral Charge

Rev. Arthur Whiston (
Rev. Ivan Norton (19xx-19xx)
Rev. Paul Shaw (19xx-19xx)
Rev. Don MacPherson (19xx-2008)
Rev. Linda Winton  (2008-2012)
Rev. Tom Woods (2012- )

Berwick United Church

The Berwick United Church has its roots in the Methodist tradition. On January 1, 1858, a time of religious revival in the Annapolis Valley, a new Methodist Church was formally opened on Main Street. Before this time Methodist families had worshipped in the “Valley Church” at Grafton which was built in 1836. In later years. sometimes worship would be held at special services in the Temperance Hall built in Berwick in 1850. The Rev. Mr. Butcher was the first minister of the congregation.

Wesley Church, as it was called in 1925 at the time of Church Union became Berwick United Church and the name has not been changed. In l838 the original building, which was then being renovated, was destroyed by fire. Plans were immediately made for a new church building. This was to be erected on another lot, nearer the centre of town. Meanwhile, the congregation gratefully accepted the kind invitation of their Baptist friends to hold services in their church building (November 1938 to February 1940).

On February 25. 1940. during the pastorate of Rev. W.J. Dean, the present church on Commercial Street was dedicated by Rev. D. Ian MacKinnon of Pine Hill Divinity College. It was built for $17,150.and of this, $8,000 came from insurance on the old church building. Many people made generous gifts, but outstanding were those of two men, Mr. J.W. Elliott and Mr. Alfred Fuller. Among other gifts, Mr. Elliott donated the price of a building lot, the folding doors in the vestry for the classrooms, two pianos, special floor covering for the aisles, and also for many years paid half the interest on the mortgage ($5,700) when the building was completed. Mr. Fuller donated the fine Casavant pipe organ, and later gave the carillonic hells in memory of his brother, Mr. D.B. Fuller and his wife. The stained glass window in the chancel was donated by C.R. Calkin. D.B. Fuller, Fred Nash and J.W. Elliott. In 1952, during the pastorate of Rev. Gordon Pring the mortgage was ceremonially burned.


There have heen a number of changes to the building in the nearly half century since it was built — a new entrance to the basement on the south side, a ramp for wheelchairs, two new stained glass windows, etc. — but the major one, which changed the appearance of the facade and added much needed rooms, came in 1985 when Rev. Shaw was minister.

By 2000 there had been addition of beautiful stained glass windows topping the side windows of the sanctuary. Through donations and work of the congregation a new piano was added to the sanctuary in 1998. In 1999 an elevator was installed to provide easy access to both levels of the church to all.