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Implementation of Team Governance Structure

10 Apr 2018 5:30 pm
24 Apr 2018 12:00 am
Starting April 3, 2018 - Ending June 3, 2018 Expired

new ‘governance structure’ was developed by BTPC ad hoc committee, approved by our
Official Board in June, 2017, and received approval of Valley Presbytery in March 2018. With
Presbytery approval we are now able to move forward with implementation. The
implementation of this new pastoral charge structure will ​replace existing committees in both
congregations​. Click 'READ MORE' below for the full Announcement (PDF Version Here)

The benefits of implementing this ‘team governance structure’ identified
included fewer people required for committees, less duplication of efforts, individuals can
choose their area of interest/passion, and we challenge ourselves to new ways of thinking and
being together.

The Implementation Team wants to ensure a smooth transition from our current committee to
new team structure. To accomplish this we are asking everyone to:

  • Review the document defining the structure and responsibilities of the teams for the
    pastoral charge.* Some revisions have been made and included with this
    communication.** Reflect on where your interests/abilities lie.
  • Identify where you want to focus your energy considering the hours you are able to
    commit to the daily life of your church community-- note your top 3 choices.
  • Consider what role best fits for you -- will you take on the role of ‘team member’ or offer
    your ideas, time and talents as the teams guide the life of BTPC? (All teams will
    facilitate their defined responsibilities, but it will require the commitment & support of
    many to be successful).

Do you still have questions or need some clarification? We have scheduled two Q&A sessions:
Tuesday, April 10, 5:30 pm at Trinity United Church in Waterville ?&
Sunday, April 15, 12:15 pm at Berwick United Church in Berwick

Choose the one that works for you.

On April 22nd you will have the opportunity to ‘sign up’ for the teams of your choice by filling out
a ballot and leaving in the offering plate. For those not in church, ballots may be submitted
electronically to the church office by April 24th.

We will complete this phase on ?Sunday, April 29th?, following our combined service by
announcing the new teams and celebrating the beginning of the next phase of our journey -- the
transfer of responsibilities from committees to teams. It is anticipated that this transition will be
completed by June 1, 2018 which will allow the teams to be fully functional by September.We encourage everyone to be a part of this important work as we move forward with implementing the structure that will guide the life and work of our pastoral charge.
*Printed copies of the Governance Structure document is available in the churches entry,
posted HERE and have been circulated via our email
distribution lists. (Documents also available on the Official Board Page of this site)

**Revisions to the original document:

  • Charge Management & Trustee Team? -- third bullet “?promoting stewardship and
    estate planning using UCC resources”
  • removed and added to ?Spiritual
    Enrichment & Outreach Team.
  • Clarification ?regarding the membership of the ?Charge Management & Trustee
    Team?: There are 6 members in this team. Three of these members will be
    trustees of the Trinity congregation and three will be trustees of the Berwick
    congregation. These numbers reflect the minimum number of trustees per
    congregation required by the United Church of Canada. The treasurer will also
    be a member of this team.