Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge

Leadership Development & M&P Committee

  • Janice Foote
  • Judy Rafuse
  • John Lind 679-2640
  • Laurene Snow
  • Purpose: This team is responsible for overseeing relationships within the pastoral charge including the roles and functions of paid leadership, staff and volunteers.
    Members: 4

  • · being a support and consultation for matters involving the church staff/employees.
  • · in consultation with others, see to the hiring, remuneration and hours worked for administrative support.
  • · receiving from each Ministry Personnel settled in or appointed to the Pastoral Charge, a current vulnerable
  • sector (level 2) police records check, at the expense of the Ministry Personnel, no later than the completion of
  • each 6 year period of the pastoral relationship.
  • · overseeing the relationship of the church ministerial personnel/employees/team volunteers with each other and
  • with the people of the congregation
  • · conducting performance reviews for staff/employees
  • · revising position descriptions of staff/employees as needed
  • · soliciting members to fill vacancies on teams when necessary
  • · ensuring volunteers provide necessary vulnerable people checks