Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge


2018-2019 Membership

  • Chair: Doug Hill 538-1058
  • Vice chair: Joan Jensen 678-3425
  • Treasurer: Keith Menzies 679-1806
  • Secretary: Carolina Tucker 678-6251
  • Minister: Rev. Tom Woods 809-5925
  • Team Reps: 7 to be named by teams
  • Valley Presbytery Reps: Kaye Logie, 538-8505
  • Carolina Tucker 678-6251
  • UCW Unit Rep.:
  •           Alison Bogan (Tri. Unit) 678-0446
  •           Pat Layton (Ber. Unit) 538-9594 or 698-2481

    Purpose: This council is the official body of the pastoral charge and will oversee the life of the pastoral charge and be the contact with the Valley Presbytery of the United Church.
    Members: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Minister, Presbytery representatives and a representative from each of the teams and UCW Units.

  • · leading in the development of a current vision for the charge
  • · monitoring the implementation of our vision
  • · reviewing and refreshing our vision annually
  • · calling quarterly board meetings to receive a report from the minister, treasurer and the representative of each team
  • · calling and organizing annual council/charge meetings
  • · receiving annual reports from all teams and minister at the annual council/charge meetings
  • · calling and organizing a charge meeting at the request of any team
  • · assisting each team to set its goals for the church year
  • · providing financial signing officers including the treasurer
  • · being the “second opinion” resource for other teams upon request
  • · being in communication with the larger United Church and keeping updated on its actions