Berwick-Trinity Pastoral Charge

Charge Management & Trustee Team

  • Rev. Tom Woods
  • Bob Parks 538-8507
  • Bryce Johnson 300-5277 - cell
  • Janice Lind home – 679-2640 cell 385-3317
  • Judy Rafuse
  • Pat Layton 538-9594 or 698-2481
  • Robie Carty
  • Keith Menzies – treasurer 679-1806
  • Purpose: This team is responsible for the financial business of the charge and the maintenance of its property. This team includes 3 trustees in its membership who will be United Church members of our pastoral charge and the legal signing officers for property matters.
    Members: 6 and the treasurer is part of this team. (3 members will be Trustees for Trinity Congregation and 3 members will be Trustees for Berwick Congregation)

  • · budget planning and disbursement of funds
  • · managing investments held by the congregation
  • · monitoring the use of the physical property of the congregation
  • · attending to regular property maintenance
  • · recruiting, providing job description, and supervising custodians, seasonal staff (mowing and snow removal)
  • · working closely with the Funding Events Planning Team as to funding needs